Subject Tutoring

Subject Tutoring


Subject tutoring in Math, Reading, Writing is offered one on one or in small groups.  We also offer private tutoring in foreign languages, including Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. The following classes are standard small group sessions and have a minimum attendance requirement of two times a week for 12 weeks. This ensures evidence of progress as measured by STA benchmark assessments, as well as school/classroom progress reports.
STA offers proven assessment tests which help measure your child’s strengths and weaknesses in reading, writing, math and foreign language.  These assessments allow our professional tutors to design lessons which are individually tailored to your student’s specific needs. Schedule your assessment today and find out how STA can help improve your child’s learning and comprehension of core subjects.


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Math Concepts is intended for grades K-2 (mature preschoolers may be considered), and will address basic number concepts and skills necessary for a strong foundation in math.

Math Skills I & II, is intended for grades 2 – 8, and will cover fundamentals to fill in any “gaps”, as well as to fortify the student’s knowledge base. Strategies will be taught to improve speed and accuracy in calculations. Special attention is given to  word problem analysis.

Advanced Math Skills is intended for high school levels, and includes Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus.

Reading includes Reading Literacy, Literary Analysis, Writing Composition and Creative Writing. Classes are designed to provide educational supplementation to develop effectiveness in the use of communication, both written and spoken, while employing analytical and logical processes. Special attention is given to articulation, proficiency, and refinement.

Literary Scholars I is a reading literacy activity for children in K-2 grade. Children will be introduced to the best available in children’s literature, both classic and contemporary, through stories, poems, plays, and songs. Besides an appreciation for reading, this class is also designed to assist in language acquisition, strengthen listening skills, and expand literary knowledge.

Literary Scholars II is for grades 3 – 5 and 6 – 8. This course will focus on strengthening reading skills in the areas of vocabulary development, comprehension, critical thinking, and writing as a response to reading. A variety of genres will be presented to help expand their literary knowledge.

This class is available to grades 6 – 8 and 9 – 12. For purposes of continuity, this class requires attendance 3 days per week for 6 weeks, for each novel. Students will be guided through the critical analysis of a variety of novels from different genres such as historical fiction, science fiction, biography/autobiography, etc. (one novel per 6 week session).

Special Note: Current studies in brain research suggests that reading a novel positively changes the brain. “Reading has long term effects on the brain through strengthening of the language processing regions and the effects of embodied semantics.” (The Atlantic Study: Reading a Novel Changes Your Brain; Julia Ryan; 01/09/2014).  In simple terms, reading “good” books produces “good” brains.
Writing Effective Sentences and Paragraphs is a basic writing class for grades 3 – 6. Students will improve and refine sentence writing that will lead to well written paragraphs and to well structured essays. Vocabulary development, spelling, grammar, and editing skills will also be covered in the learning of the writing process.

Writing with a Purpose (all levels) will explore the different types of writing, such as Expository, Persuasive, Narrative, Descriptive and Compare/Contrast. All the fundamentals of writing, as well as refining the writing process itself, will be the focus. Each written assignment will serve as a model for the student to use as reference for future writing.

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