The students of Southlake Tutoring Academy’s Chinese Enrichment Class say hello.


Chinese Enrichment Classes at Southlake Tutoring Academy

One of the most popular classes at Southlake Tutoring Academy is our Chinese Enrichment Classes. In this exciting and interactive class students are taken from Pin Yin (Phonics) to Conversational and Paragraph Writing. During a free trial class students are assessed and placed with other students based on their current ability. Come out and see what all of our students love.

Classes are one hour long, cost $20 per class, and meet twice a week.


  • Chinese Beginner I - Tuesday 3:45-4:30, Thursday 3:45-4:30

  • Chinese Beginner II- Tuesday 4:30-5:15, Thursday 4:30-5:15

  • Chinese Intermediate- Monday 3:45-4:30, Wednesday 3:45-4:30

  • Chinese Advanced- Monday 4:30-5:15, Wednesday 4:30-5:15


Chinese Enrichment Class Monthly
from 160.00

******These classes are completed for the Semester. They will resume Fall 2019. Please visit for summer classes and academic camps.*****

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